Quartic.AI Appoints David Hsieh as New Chief Executive Officer

Accomplished Growth-Oriented Executive to Drive Market Adoption for Process Manufacturing AI Platform

Quoting original press release | San Jose Calif. (PRWEB) May 11, 2022

Quartic.ai, provider of an enterprise-scale AI platform that makes autonomous manufacturing a reality, announced it has named Silicon Valley veteran, David Hsieh, to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Quartic, Hsieh held senior executive positions at Cisco, Sybase, Webex, Ubiquiti, and Facetime Communications, and most recently served as CEO of Kaptivo (acquired by Lifesize in 2020). Hsieh is a passionate leader, motivator, and team-builder who blends strategy and creativity to reshape markets and build companies.

Quartic founder and CEO, Rajiv Anand, with 37 years of manufacturing automation experience, will remain actively involved with the company and lead the company’s product, data science strategy, and strategic relationships.

“Quartic.ai is ideally positioned to lead the next wave of manufacturing technology – using AI and machine learning on a path to autonomous manufacturing,” said Anand, adding, “I’m extremely excited to entice an experienced go-to-market executive like David Hsieh to lead the company and accelerate our growth.”

Quartic.ai was founded by a veteran team of manufacturing engineers, reliability experts, and data scientists who saw the opportunity to apply machine learning and analytics to solve difficult process manufacturing challenges. The Quartic platform, with market proof in a number of process manufacturing deployments, including optimization and reliability, is ready for broad market adoption.

“Quartic has assembled an incredible team and built a unique technology platform that can be the foundation of the next generation of process manufacturing,” notes Hsieh, “democratizing machine learning in manufacturing is an immense opportunity and being part of a company that can disrupt a huge market is what I’ve built my career around. I’m proud to join Quartic and pursue that vision.”

For the next phase of Quartic, the company is investing in its sales, partnerships, and marketing team, while continuing to advance its AI and machine learning capabilities. Hsieh believes that achieving the benefits of current usage of machine learning in manufacturing is too difficult, too slow, and too expensive. The Quartic platform can improve ROI and help companies gain ubiquitous deployment of machine learning across every operation in the factory.

About Quartic.ai

Quartic helps manufacturers predict and control the current and future state of their manufacturing operations to improve batch operations, decrease waste, reduce the need for quality checks, and deliver better product faster. Purpose-built for manufacturing engineers, reliability experts, and data scientists, the Quartic Platform is used by manufacturers to apply machine learning, analytics, and edge computing to solve very real challenges in their process manufacturing efforts. By harnessing the power of data and AI, Quartic is making autonomous manufacturing a reality. For more information, contact Quartic.ai at 1-866-QUARTIC or visit https://www.quartic.ai.