Start building AI applications—without software infrastructure and data science knowledge

The Quartic Project Builder allows you to conduct multiple PoCs without any software or infrastructure investment. It creates an automated report with the business results of your PoC and ROI, so that you can proceed to deployment with confidence.

Conduct multiple POCs with ease, speed, and independence

The journey of building a smart manufacturing enterprise begins with making one asset intelligent.

  • csv

    Ingest data

    Upload data from multiple sources in CSV format

  • data-cleaning

    Cleanse and Prepare

    Aggregate, impute, and enrich your data effortlessly with one click preparation

  • binary-code

    Discover Knowledge

    Identify patterns and correlations in your data 

  • search

    Build Intelligence

    Build and determine multiple models to determine best fit for your use case

  • line-chart

    Realise Value

    Document your results and determine your ROI 

Unlike other industrial ML platforms, get started without labelled or failure data! 

Maximize your chances of success!

A 2017 Mckinsey survey affirmed the notion that many AI and industrial IIoT programmes are stuck in pilot purgatory. Many industry insiders agree that IoT technology is failing to drive the level of business growth they expected. helps you conduct multiple PoCs to prove tractions and ROI and has the ability to scale fast once the results are proven.