Build predictable manufacturing operations with ML

Big-data analytics of real-time data offers a holistic view of process and equipment variability, providing operational foresight not possible with existing controls systems.

ML overcomes the limitations of traditional process control and automation

While each manufacturing vertical has unique problems and challenges, the approach to building valuable AI applications is generally similar. Due to its ability to work on larger sets of data, ML provides an expanded view of the multivariate relationships of data in real-time. This allows you to build predictive models at the Unit operation, line, production facility or supply chain to optimize for higher efficiency.

  • Measure

    previously unmeasurable process disturbances

  • Understand

    the root causes of variability introduced by materials, people, operations, and equipment  

  • Predict

    the risk, trajectory, and causes of functional degradation that adversely impact productivity, utilization, and energy consumption of your operations.

  • Prevent

    abnormal situations so they can be prevented through early intervention 

Use Case for every Industry

Predictive operations improve productivity and sustainability

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