GxP ready AI for the life science industry

Changing pharmaceutical business models and tightly integrated supply networks present both challenges and unique opportunities. Modernization of manufacturing and acceleration of new product pipelines can be enabled by technologies like AI and machine learning. In addition, regulatory agencies, historically seen as blockers, are encouraging innovation in manufacturing!

Build an intelligence driven Life Sciences enterprise

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    Accelerate Process Development, Tech Transfer and Scale-up
  • manufacture-2
    Reduce WIP between unit operations
  • assembly-line
    Enable continuous manufacturing technology
  • risks
    Reduce compliance risk with intelligent product control
  • production
    Modernize existing infrastructure to the new therapeutic modalities

AI for Pharma 4.0

  • manufacturing

    Process Development & DoE

    Accelerate process development with ML powered multi-variate analytics by reducing the number of experiments, quicker analysis of DoE data, and capture valuable process knowledge to ML models for tech transfer

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    Tech Transfer & Scale-up

    Reduce the number of robustness runs by building ML powered processknowledge models and use transfer learning to achieve optimized scale-up 10X – 30X faster

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    Process Optimization

    Use ML to capture the knowledge of your historical batch performances for the real time optimization of critical process parameters to achieve your optimal quality output

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    CPV and Product Control 

    The machine learning and complex event processing power of The Quartic Platform turns CPV into a practical and actionable product control strategy for your enterprise and the CMO network

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    Reduce the time between unit operations by continuously monitoring CPPs and CQAs with predictive models. Turn your existing batch operations into contiguous operations, a step towards continuous manufacturing

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    Continuous Manufacturing

    Realize dial-a-molecule system using on-line spectroscopy and AI for semi-autonomous continuous manufacturing with on-line CPV and batch release


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