AI Platform for Packaging Industry

The role of packaging is evolving rapidly. While protecting the goods remains the primary function, the demands of CPG industry require innovative designs, that are not only efficient but also act as symbols of the brand of goods inside.

Achieve highly agile operations with machine learning

The demands of CPG industry require the packaging producer to have shorter production runs, repeat orders and flexibility, which is adding to the complexity of manufacturing operations. At the same time, the packaging supplier has to contend with the shortage and cost of raw materials and a depleting pool of skilled labour.
Dealing with this complexity of operations to achieve flexibility and reduce costs requires highly agile automation that is possible with machine learning.

  • courier

    Reduce scrap during changeovers

  • packages

    Optimize accumulation and line-balancing

  • manufacture-3

    Eliminate cycle time erosion


  • box-1

    Optimal quality on first run

  • packing

    Zero fault repeat orders


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