Quartic.ai Intelligent Asset Performance Monitoring Solution: iAPM

The Quartic Intelligent APM Solution is the first system of its kind that combines well accepted reliability principles, such as RCM, with modern technology like machine learning and AI. 

Use dynamic risk measurements to manage your assets

As an asset owner, you want a truly intelligent system to give you continuous view of departure from the inherent reliability and provide information on the causes

  • loss

    Detect incipient faults

    Identify which faults are impacted by operation and contributing to the risk

  • statistic

    Manage operational risk

    Make operational decisions to reduce the risk to ‘loss of function’ and measure the impact of those decisions 

  • inventory

    Plan maintenance and inventory

    Plan and schedule functional risk-based inspections, maintenance, and downtime 

Built for Subject matter experts

Built for reliability subject matter experts like you who neither have data science expertise, nor the time to learn data science or programming. But you understand asset operation and reliability practices like RCM and FMEA

  • Provides a real-time, continuous measurement of Risk to Loss of Function of an asset caused by operational abuse
  • Provides specific information on which incipient faults impacted by operation, are contributing to the risk
  • Provides information on the trajectory of overall risk and each incipient fault

This is like having a real-time, dynamic FMEA view of my system

— Fortune 100 user
The Quartic Intelligent APM Solution is built on the Quarti Platform. The Platform connects to industrial OT (Operational Technology), condition measurement systems, MES and CMMS systems; contextualizes the data to an asset and allows users to build intelligence agents using machine learning (ML) and complex event (rules) processing (CEP).