Automation of Spectral PAT Data Analysis with machine learning

Get more value from your PAT investments with inline AI. With the power of ML, turn PAT into process indicators for real-time decision making. 

Automate offline and online PAT analysis

The Quartic ML powered PAT module automates the process of analysis thereby bringing offline models to the production floor. This eliminates the delays from currently used assays and tests and creates soft sensors for process & quality attributes.

  • Increase consistency and speed of analysis for offline PAT data with automation 
  • Transform online PAT measurements into process signature sensors such as (characterization and quantification of key process attributes) 
  • Turn existing batch operation into a contiguous process by reducing dependency on lab assays and tests
  • Build predictive models for key process attributes 

Get more from your online PAT data

The Quartic PAT module creates context from online PAT data and multivariate process data sources with flexible, easy to implement workflows, and then allows subject matter experts to build machine learning models

  • modules

    Integrate with existing modules 

    Supports RAMAN, NIR, HPLC and other spectral analyzer data 

  • computer

    GXP ready 

    Data ingestion, model verification and deployment infrastructures are built for CSV and GxP compliance 

  • device

    Fast & Easy Deployment 

    Highly optimized model training allows deployment on commodity CPU hardware, private cloud, data center or public cloud   batches, campaigns and lots

The Quartic PAT Automation module is built on the Quartic Platform. The Platform connects to industrial OT (Operational Technology), condition measurement systems, MES and CMMS systems; contextualizes the data to an asset and allows users to build intelligence agents using machine learning (ML) and complex event (rules) processing (CEP).