AI Driven Analytics for Process Manufacturing

The Quartic AI Platform® is a complete system for developing and Industry 4.0 solutions and AI enabled Smart Manufacturing.

Leapfrog your smart industry build with

The Quartic AI Platform helps companies overcome the challenges of deploying smart manufacturing technology to achieve peak operational efficiency faster.

  • cloud-storage

    Smart Data

    Whether your manufacturing data is in a cloud data lake or at the edge, the Quartic AI Platform connects easily to your data and turns it into analytics ready smart data with dynamic context.

  • robot

    Automated Machine Learning

    The Platform’s automated machine-learning lets you build AI applications using problem solving workflows and combines it with complex event processing for deployment of for streaming analytics in a stress-tested, reliable microservices framework.   

  • Industrial workflows 

    Flexible, well understood industrial workflows reduce customization efforts to bring speed to your enterprise wide scaling, increase IT-OT alignment, and speed up adoption.  

AI and IIoT platform for smart industry

The Quartic AI Platform is built on two main components: illuminator™ and eXponence™, each with a set of application modules. The Platform can be deployed completely on-premise or in a hybrid Edge-Fog-Cloud architecture.

Build Industrial Enterprise Intelligence with

A platform built by design to accelerate and provide scalable IIoT and AI solutions. A full-stack, edge-to-enterprise, comprehensive and complete solution focused on the OT user. Start with an asset, build a smart enterprise!