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September 9, 2020 News

Wunderlich-Malec and Form Strategic Alliance for Digital Transformation

Wunderlich-Malec Engineering (WM) and have formed an Alliance to deliver smart manufacturing solutions for industrial applications using WM automation expertise and the Quartic Platform’s IIoT, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence ...

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August 6, 2020 News

Bright Path Laboratories selects and TrackWise Digital QMS to Integrate Quality Management and Manufacturing Operations

Bright Path Labs is leveraging TrackWise Digital and platforms to connect manufacturing insights to QMS for real-time decisions  Sparta Systems, provider of industry-leading Quality...

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July 14, 2020 News Announces Partnership with Sparta Systems to Connect Real-Time Manufacturing Insights to QMS partners with Sparta Systems to bring forward next-level AI capabilities for early risk detection during the manufacturing process, provider of the award-winning Quartic AI and IoT Platform™ for Smart Industry, announced a pa...

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July 21, 2021 News advances continuous biomanufacturing; open sources technology to foster innovation today announced that it has developed a highly compute efficient digital twin of a penicillin bioreactor that simulates the industrial-grade Penicillium chrysogenum fermentation. The simulation is 40 times faster than traditional models or...

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April 15, 2021 AI Digital Transformation Technology

Process Optimization using AI/ML

Techniques like PID control or MPC can track single or multiple setpoints effectively. However, it remains a great challenge to adaptively find the optimal setpoints, or in batch process context, the optimal recipe, for these lower-level controllers ...

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July 5, 2020 News and Bright Path Labs Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Continuous Manufacturing of Critical APIs for Life-Saving Medicines and Bright Path Laboratories, Inc. (Bright Path Labs) have signed an agreement to develop an AI-powered continuous manufacturing platform for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other small molecule drugs. SAN JOSE, CALIF. (PRW...

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July 1, 2020 applications

Predictive Maintenance

The intent of this discussion is to illustrate the impact that IIoT when combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have on achieving a state of true predictive awareness and management of the health of industrial assets. This approach is often r...

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March 26, 2020 AI Digital Transformation Industry Pharma 4.0

Bringing AI to Pharma 4.0

 1.  Industrial Revolutions – Then and Now While the First and Second Industrial Revolutions each lasted about 75 years, the Third (or Digital) Revolution powered on for only about 30 years before triggering its successor, the Fourth and current e...

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January 8, 2020 Digital Transformation Industry

Smart Manufacturing

The key business objectives achieved with Smart industry are increased productivity, enablement of agile and flexible manufacturing to produce highly specialized and personalized products at scale, and efficiency. T...

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March 1, 2019 applications Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OE) is the foundational framework for any manufacturing enterprise. While each organization defines OE in slightly different ways, the underlying objective of any OE program is to strive for this state:  Each and every...