Drive your processes to the right side of the equation

Real-time AI-driven solution, purpose-built for your chemical process manufacturing

Quartic helps solve your problems

Catalyze your manufacturing to keep processes flowing at peak efficiency with optimal outcomes, and reduce the impact of supply chain variability.

Respond to changes in raw material parameters

Focus on your business goals, such as yield, and let AI-driven processes adapt to variation in your inputs.

Reduce variability

Visualize and respond to in real-time to changes in key manufacturing parameters, to keep your reactions on target

Shorten down times and cleaning cycles

Performance predictions and AI-enabled RCM help you use your assets efficiently, on your schedule

Quartic in action

Eliminated unplanned downtime, saving $3M for every failure averted

Reduced time between production stages by accelerating spectral analysis

Reduced risk of safety incident caused by seal leaks and asset failure


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