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For process manufacturers the need to introduce new products and recipes using the same resources and production assets is increasing every day.

Production lines designed to be identical lead to different and variable yield and quality. Even with perfect recipes and SOPs there is large shift to shift variability. Getting products right the first time and achieving consistent outcomes is one of the biggest challenges.

AI process optimization software can overcome these challenges. But, until now has been accessible only to a few. It requires experts, dynamic process models and a lot of data. It is hard to achieve meaningful ROI with legacy optimization software.

Introducing a Breakthrough Technology: The Quartic Process Optimizer

Achieve ROI in 90 days or less, no process models, no big data required.

"With Quartic we have reduced batch to batch variability by 79%"
- Global Food and Beverage Company


  • Optimize any batch unit operation and build a multi-unit optimizer
  • Optimization results can be achieved in as little as 10 batch runs
  • Simple deployment results in accelerated ROI


  • Large amounts of historical data sets are not required
  • No first-principle process models or digital twins are needed
  • You can optimize single or multiple KPIs under any number of constraints

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