Autonomous manufacturing everywhere

Enterprise-scale AI platform that makes autonomous manufacturing a reality

Life Sciences

Improve your continuous and batch manufacturing

Best-in-class GxP-ready, open AI platform

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Food and Beverage

AI platform for batch analysis and optimization
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Get more value from your key process analytics tools

The power of ML turns PAT into process indicators for real-time decision making

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Stay agile, while embracing complexity

First-of-a-kind intelligent Asset Performance Monitoring application

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Best-in-class open AI platform for rapidly deploying solutions through three simple steps:


every possible type of data source at enterprise scale and apply advanced data analytics to add context to your asset parameters


accurate and insightful models, through automated AI, and gain insight into your manufacturing operations, with a high degree of accuracy and fidelity


readily available AI models or integrate you own AI models and predict the current and future state of your manufacturing operations

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