Smart Industry platform to accelerate digital transformation

We help manufacturers successfully adopt artificial intelligence and industrial IoT to improve operational performance.

Build factories of the future helps asset-intensive companies harness the flood of data generated from their equipment and processes. provides the software needed to connect stranded sources of data and apply artificial intelligence to uncover hidden insights that can increase the availability, performance and quality of these assets.

  • Empower Subject Matter Experts automates the data science in Machine Learning so operations experts, engineers, and consultants can determine the features used to build models and understand and explain the output of models at every step—in building, testing, validation, and deployment

  • Work with existing systems helps their customers extract more value from legacy infrastructure as they work towards Industry 4.0 factories. Manufacturers do not have to replace their equipment and systems in order to benefit from the power of machine learning and predictive analytics.

  • Get results faster! provides the simplest path to digital transformation in process manufacturing and helps manufacturers realize quick wins and resolve the most pressing problems that impair your equipment reliability, product quality and operational efficiency.

We understand industrial manufacturing

Quartic was founded by a veteran team of manufacturing engineers, reliability experts and data scientists that saw the opportunity to apply machine learning, analytics and edge computing to solve very real challenges in process manufacturing.


Rajiv Anand

Rajiv Anand

Founder & CEO
Vinodh Rodrigues

Vinodh Rodrigues

VP, Customer Success
Xiaozhou Wang

Xiaozhou Wang

Co-founder, Chief Data Scientist
Akshay Aron

Akshay Aron

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer
Pranav Prakash

Pranav Prakash

Co-founder, VP of Engineering

Awards and recognition

  • Pharma Innovation Award

    Year: 2018
    Award by: Pharma Manufacturing Magazine
    Award Focus: New, unique technologies contributing to advancements in risk reduction, product quality improvement and manufacturing efficiency.

  • Top 10 Manufacturing Intelligence Solution Providers

    Year: 2018
    Award by: Manufacturing Magazine
    Award Focus: 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing manufacturing intelligence solutions and impacting the marketplace.

  • 20 Most Promising Cognitive Solution Providers

    Year: 2018
    Award by: CIO Review Magazine
    Award Focus: 20 companies that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges.

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