Industrial AI intelligence providing both real-time and historical insights

Predict your future

Intelligent. Integrated. Easy.

Q.Intelligence enables insights into the current and future states of your manufacturing operations


Analyze data with first principles-based equations and ML models

Block programming interface designed specifically for manufacturing subject matter experts (not just data scientists)

Complex event processing (CEP) engine to derive real-time operational insights from streaming data

State-of-the-art, customized prediction, classification, and anomaly detection ML models



Integrate analytics of real time data with historical data

Unified data processing engine to connect all the data you use

CEP and ML pipeline for superior efficiency and productivity

Integration with leading visualization tools such as PowerBI and Tableau



Auto ML workflow and self-service analytics

Auto ML workflow that automates the building of high-quality, explainable, trustworthy models

Step-by-step guidance to unleash your manufacturing experts

Self-service analytics that allow discovery of patterns and features in your operational data


Unleash your subject matter expert

Lack real-time insights into your manufacturing operations results in unplanned plant downtime, underperforming assets, and off-spec product.

The solution:  Q.Intelligence CEP engine

Complex event processing (CEP) engine enables your manufacturing experts to author and process first principles-based equations, delivering real-time insights on your process, asset, and product conditions.

You have challenges attracting and retaining world-class data science talent necessary to build accurate AI and ML models.

The solution:  Q.Intelligence Auto ML workflow

Extensible Auto ML workflow helps your non-data scientist SMEs navigate through the full ML lifecycle to build the predictive models you need without any coding.

Divisions between your SMEs, such as process engineers, and data scientists result in data with no context resulting in inferior ML models.

The solution:  Q.Intelligence data processing engine

Unified data processing engine seamlessly integrates CEP and ML pipelines leading to cross-pollination of their outputs for enhanced insights into your assets, product, and processes.

Come join us!

The Quartic.ai team will be at the IoT and Smart Pharma Summit, 18-19 May 2022, in San Diego.

On the first day, we will be running a workshop on: Turning Data Connectivity into Actionable Intelligence as the Foundation for Pharma 4.0

Contact us below if you wish to know more.

Come see us at the Connected Plant Conference, 23-26 May 2022, in Atlanta.

We will be giving a talk on how you can build a system of intelligence to enable advanced analytics and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Contact us below if you wish to know more.

We’re excited to contribute to the program at IFPAC on 12-15 June 2022, in North Bethesda.

We will give two talks on PAT. One talk will be about using PAT for DoE, Continuous Manufacture, and Realtime Release of Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Products. The other talk will be about automating PAT analysis with Machine Learning.

Contact us below if you wish to know more.

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