Automated PAT for Offline, In-line and Predictive Analysis

As we develop and manufacture increasingly complex chemical, biological or bio-chemical products, the use of PAT (Process Analytical Technology) such as RAMAN spectroscopy and near-infrared spectroscopy becomes indispensable – for product development, critical process and quality parameter monitoring during manufacturing steps or final quality monitoring.

While PAT instruments are becoming more prevalent, the cost and effort required to do assays for the components of interest or impurities impedes widespread use to realize the full potential of investment in these technologies.

Using automation with Machine Learning, the Quartic PAT application allows offline assays to be automated; creates multiple soft sensors for process and quality parameters of interest that can be used for in-line real-time or near real-time monitoring, and allows closed loop control of unit operations using PAT.

Users can also take the next step of building process and product profile prediction during manufacturing by combining PAT data with other process parameters.

Leaders in life sciences, chemicals, AgroSciences, and advanced materials manufacturing are using Quartic’s PAT automation application to save time and get more value from their PAT investments.


  • Increased speed and consistency of measurements requiring off-line assays reduces cycle time in multi-unit operations.
  • Turn PAT investment into in-line measurement of critical and key process parameters that impact yield or quality for increased process robustness and efficiency.
  • Build predictive quality and yield models to increase consistency and manage variability.
  • Achieve closed-loop control with PAT


  • Native ingestion of any spectral data reduces data preparation time
  • Off-line or online data consumption
  • Flexible deployment – fully automated, or human-in-the-loop
  • UI driven, no-code data filtration and preparation
  • Linear and non-linear modeling
  • Soft-sensor output through OPC-UA for consumption in any control system or user interface

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