Digital Batch Process Manufacturing

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Production leaders in chemical formulation-based batch manufacturing constantly face these problems but struggle to find a permanent solution:

  • Excessive cycle times
  • Batch to Batch Variability
  • Lower than optimal yield
  • Waste & recycling of off-spec product
  • Production loss during product and grade changes

Engineering teams struggle to address production leaders' challenges with minimal data context available from existing MES and control systems.

Quartic’s AI-enabled digital batch manufacturing system eliminates these problems and provides a supervisory multi-variate batch optimization system to produce incrementally improving production outcomes.

“With Quartic’s Digital Batch Optimization system, our batch variability was reduced by 49% and with much tighter controls we gained back 17% of lost cycle time on our fermentation unit”

Fortune 500 alcoholic beverage producer

“It took us two weeks to contextualize our PLC, operation logs, and MES data into Quartic, and deploy real-time multi-variate monitoring of a production line, allowing us to identify bottlenecks, reduce variability, and provide operator guidance to maintain on-spec product”

Global bio-tech producer
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The Quartic end-to-end, multi-variate batch monitoring and optimization system empowers manufacturing technology and continuous improvement teams with these capabilities.

Performance Analytics Real-Time Batch Monitoring Predictive Batch Monitoring Prescriptive Batch Optimization

Capabilities you will achieve by using this system:

  • Ready to use contextual batch data – real-time and historical
  • Product, batch, and multi-unit views for analysis
  • Historical batch analysis
  • Realtime multivariate SPC and Machine Learning
  • Predictive Batch evolution trajectory
  • Realtime parameter influence indication
  • Supervisory Closed loop multivariate control

Using these capabilities Batch Process Manufacturers can move from process control systems and manufacturing management systems to a Manufacturing Operations Automation system

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Manufacturing Operations Automation for Digital Batch Manufacturing

  • Control System & MES Agnostic
  • Cloud native & Agnostic
  • Production line to enterprise scaling
  • ISA99, IEC62443 ICS security
  • IS9001, SOC2
  • Simple licensing – no user limits, no interface limits
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