Modern, Scalable Batch MVDA and MSPC

The complexity of batch manufacturing processes is increasing the need for analytics methods to solve problems such as deviation investigations, fault detection, process change assessment, and process improvements. The nature of data relationships is not only multi-variate but also often non-linear.

Legacy MSPC (Multivariate Statistical Process Control) workbenches and tools used for modelling and monitoring are not able to serve these needs anymore.

The high cost and complexity of deployment of a few purpose-built multi-variate batch modelling and monitoring applications (MVDA software) keeps them out of reach for many and makes scaling impossible.

These applications require too much effort on contextual data preparation, are difficult to transition from off-line to online, are hard to scale and do not offer predictive modelling – making you spend more time making the application work rather than actual modelling and deployment.

There is a better way.

The most innovative and complete batch analytics, monitoring and optimization software

Being adopted by leaders in life sciences, chemicals, agrosciences, and advanced materials manufacturing


  • Unified workflow for use by multiple personas – R&D, Process Development (PD), Manufacturing Technology (MTech, MSAT), operations, and quality ensures consistency of knowledge, understanding and investigations.
  • Data engineering and data preparation efforts are eliminated – increasing productivity of teams.
  • Elastic scaling in the cloud and on-prem ensures value-based scaling and spend.
  • Investigation and fault detection time is reduced.


  • Legacy MSPC (PCA, UMAP, PLS) and modern machine learning in one workflow with state-of-the-art web UX
  • Contextualized data – product, batch, process train, unit operation - ready for analytics
  • Off-line analytics and On-line monitoring in a common workflow
  • Global and local parameter significance/contribution for historical, real-time, and predicted trajectory
  • Native ingestion, assaying, and modelling of PAT spectral data for consumption in MSPC workflow

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