Industrial AI applications that accelerate the transition towards autonomous manufacturing

Push the performance envelope. Continuously.

Monitor. Plan. Control.

Q.Applications enable you to push the performance envelope


Derive insights into process data variations

Monitor process data deviations and execute product control strategies

Collapse historical processes into a unified ideal process path

Release product more quickly, with more confidence



Predict your future operational state

Analyze and continuously learn from non-linear multi-variate relationships

Optimize your manufacturing processes for better yield, quality, and reliability

See process performance in the past, present, and future



Exercise control for desired results

Combine industry standard reliability principles, such as, RCM with ML to keep your assets running

Correct current processes in real-time rather than in a retrospect review and too late

Direct systems through predictive control to improve your outcomes autonomously


Helping you do what you do

Current solutions based on traditional univariate statistical techniques and static rules-based systems fall short of meeting your business objectives, because your manufacturing operations data is multi-dimensional, non-linear, and continuously changing.

The solution:  Q.Applications – Batch analytics

Design the ideal batch process through predictive Multi-Variate Data Analytics (pMVDA) with purpose-built ML models that analyze and continuously learn from non-linear multi-variate relationships across repeated runs of your batch process.

Your current solutions integrate loosely or do not integrate all three - operational, planning, and control – time horizons, resulting in inferior operational efficiency and productivity.

The solution:  Q.Applications – APM

Keep your assets running, without surprises, with intelligent Asset Performance Management (iAPM), combining industry-standard reliability principles, such as RCM, with machine learning-based predictive analytics.

Your current analytics solutions often take an either-or approach in choosing between first principle-based analytics or ML-based analytics resulting in loss of precious insights from the missed-out approach.

The solution:  Q.Applications – PPV

Identify your process data deviations and autonomously execute process control strategies through the Product and Process Verification application.

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