Industrial AI data layer with broad connectivity and robust scalability

Take control of your manufacturing operations data

Rich. Meaningful. Reliable.

Q.Data integrates, contextualizes, and ensures the quality of your data


Seamlessly connect your siloed data sources

Out-of-the box no-code edge connectors supporting 100+ data sources

Reliable edge-to-cloud data pipeline for easy data ingestion

Single, federated, and contextualized data repository



Add meaning to your data

A digital-twin that models assets, processes, and product relationships

Data contextualization to transform senseless data into useful information

Support for industry standards ISA-95, ISA-88



Improve the quality of your data

Tools to ensure validity, completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, and consistency

Continuous quality assurance processes

Actionable data always ready for analytics


Get your data analytics-ready

Heterogenous IT and OT data spread across many plants, locked up in your legacy data collection systems and engineers’ spreadsheets.

The solution: Q.Data integration

Data integration module with out-of-the-box, ubiquitous, and no-code edge connectors and edge-to-cloud data pipeline enabling easy data ingestion from your disparate IT and OT data sources.

Lack of related information on your data, which limit their usability beyond the system that generated the data.

The solution:  Q.Data contextualization

Data context module to model asset, process, and product relationships (digital-twin) between your data sources, complying to your industry standards.

Absence of continuous monitoring of quality and integrity leading to limited trust in your collected data.

The solution:  Q.Data quality

Data quality module to ensure validity, completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, and consistency of your collected data.

Come join us!

The Quartic.ai team will be at the IoT and Smart Pharma Summit, 18-19 May 2022, in San Diego.

On the first day, we will be running a workshop on: Turning Data Connectivity into Actionable Intelligence as the Foundation for Pharma 4.0

Contact us below if you wish to know more.

Come see us at the Connected Plant Conference, 23-26 May 2022, in Atlanta.

We will be giving a talk on how you can build a system of intelligence to enable advanced analytics and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Contact us below if you wish to know more.

We’re excited to contribute to the program at IFPAC on 12-15 June 2022, in North Bethesda.

We will give two talks on PAT. One talk will be about using PAT for DoE, Continuous Manufacture, and Realtime Release of Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Products. The other talk will be about automating PAT analysis with Machine Learning.

Contact us below if you wish to know more.

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