Best-in-class open AI platform for rapidly deploying Industry 4.0 solutions

Making autonomous manufacturing a reality today

Simple. Modular. Actionable.

The Quartic.AI Platform delivers actionable optimization at scale


Seamlessly connect and contextualize complex data

Robust edge-to-cloud data connection

Designed for IT and OT users

Analytics and ML for subject experts and data scientists​



Take our best from us or build on what you have

Integrate best-of-breed ML​

API and SDK for rapid custom applications

OS and Cloud agnostic​​



Turn data and insights to deliver optimization at scale

Ready-to-deploy industry-specific applications

Actionable optimization, not just analytics​ ​

Automation to close the loop between insight and outcome


Solving your problems

Manufacturing data originates from disparate and isolated data sources and lack context and quality limiting their use in business decisions.

The solution:  Q.Data

Q.Data connects to the sources of your manufacturing operations data, preparing and unifying them for operational analysis.

Lack real-time insights into manufacturing operations means you don’t know how your product will turn out.

The solution:  Q.Intelligence

Q.Intelligence provides you insights into the current and future state of your manufacturing operations, allowing you to respond to issues before it’s too late.

Most manufacturing analytics solutions are not able to manage the multi-dimensional and continuously evolving nature of manufacturing data and, therefore, operate in limited time horizons, resulting in inferior operational efficiency and productivity.

The solution:  Q.Applications

Q.Applications help you stay on top of performance, quality, and reliability of your manufacturing operations through customizable purpose-built ready-to-deploy applications used together with your manufacturing experts or autonomously on their own.

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