Introducing the PAT Solution

Quartic's PAT Solution makes analyzing PAT spectra easy and fast

Identifying and quantifying products and impurities using spectral data from expensive PAT devices, such as RAMAN spectroscopy, NIR, and HPLC, is a time-consuming process. Current in-house workflows often require multiple tools to extract and pre-process the data and build a prediction model.

Moreover, these cumbersome and slow workflows are difficult to automate and deploy for real-time production data.

The real value and power of PAT spectral data come from providing online quantification of process signatures and key attributes, such as concentration, without the need for multiple tools for data collection, modeling, and analysis.

Analyze faster

Using spectral and discrete lab sample data, the PAT Solution uses machine learning to train models to calculate key attributes, such as concentration.

The easy-to-use no-code step-wise modeling process allows the analytical expert to designate key wavelengths and apply some common pre-processing filters (such as Savitzky–Golay or Moving-Average) to the data.

The models are then used to rapidly analyze novel spectral data, reducing the need for specialized resources and time to extract value from your data.

Improve efficiency

The PAT Solution can also automate your workflow. By connecting the solution to your analytical machines, you can stream your spectral data to facilitate online process characterization. This improves analytical efficiency and eliminates delays between the lab and the production floor.

The video below walks you through the steps.

Some important details

The PAT Solution provides you with a single solution to process, analyze, and manage your spectral data. This GxP-ready solution is available now for deployment in the Cloud and supports RAMAN, NIR, and other spectral analyzers.

And the per-molecule pay-as-you-go pricing is designed to help you start using this right away, with predictable costs as you grow your usage.

Furthermore, you can upgrade to take advantage of the Platform’s process optimization and closed-loop control features, that can then be used to make real-time process adjustments.

To learn more about the PAT Solution and how you can use it, fill in the form below, and we’ll get right back to you.

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