Improve yield.
Reduce variability.
Deliver autonomous manufacturing.

The best data-efficient AI for Process Optimization.
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Why Quartic

Work with small and big data

Our AI can optimize your processes with the data you have, whether from one machine or factories full of them.

Offline process recommendations or online control

Our AI can show you what to do to keep your processes optimized, or you can let the AI keep things running autonomously.

Data from files or straight from your machines

We know that your important process data can come from different sources, so our AI can connect to your machines or you can give the AI the data files it needs.

Success Stories


15% improvement on product outcome of a key process for Food and Beverage.


Autonomous Control of molecular biological productions for Biopharma.

Our Process

One hour session

In a 1-hour session, we discuss your problems, offer some initial ideas on solutions, and assess if our platform is a good fit for you. This is a free consultation without any obligation to purchase.

Success or your money back

We work with you on a short-term Process Optimization pilot project to prove the value of our solution based on jointly established pilot success criteria.

This is a fixed-fee project, tied to your success criteria. Should we fail to meet or exceed your criteria, the pilot project is free, at no cost to you.

Success guaranteed.

10x ROI or your money back

We are so sure of the improvement we can bring to your Process Optimization we guarantee a 10X return on your investment, based on jointly agreed value criteria.

Should we not provide any significant value to your process and organization, the solution is yours, at no cost to you.

Investment guaranteed.

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